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Scotch Tradition Handmade Oversize Thin Flat Brick By Glen Gery FREE Shipping 4.4 Sq.Ft.

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The Scotch Tradition Handmade Oversize brick can be used for your wall or floor application to get a classic interior/exterior look.  You can almost hear the bag pipes playing in your own home.

The larger size of the Scotch Traditional gives you the look of a Manor Estate in Scotland hundred of years old.  Protects you from the elements and creates a background for hours of conversations of family stories.

Scotch Tradition is red in color with a heavy texture with fine sand, speckles, uneven side edges, face creases/dimpled, hearting, tumbled, flashed, spots and solid brick.

Minimum Carton Order 1
Pieces per carton
Color Burgundy
Square Feet for Flats / Lineal Feet for Corners
4.4 Square Feet
2 3/4" H x 8 1/2" L x 1" D
Ships within 5-10 business days
Brickhunter Item Code BH04041


*Important Information:  Thin bricks are fragile so it is common to have cracked, half and/or partial pieces, therefore, we recommend purchasing approximately 10% (+/-) over the required quantities. 

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